Children's Publications


    Family Resource Kits (folder) (Available in Spanish) (includes ALL Family Fact Sheets) *up to 25 - if larger quantity needed, please email
    Healthy in Body and Mind (Brochure)
    Youth Mental Health First Aid Flyer
    ADHD Fact Sheet
    Anxiety Disorders Fact Sheet
    Bullying Fact Sheet
    Children’s Mental Health Matters: Healthy in Body and Mind (Available in Spanish)
    Depression Fact Sheet
    Eating Disorders Fact Sheet
    First Steps in Seeking Help Fact Sheet
    Grief Fact Sheet
    Human Trafficking: Protecting Our Youth
    Psychosis Fact Sheet
    Seeking Care Fact Sheet
    Self-Injurious Behavior Fact Sheet
    Substance Use Fact Sheet
    Trauma Fact Sheet
    About Telemental Health: What Families Need to Know
    Your Telemental Health (Youth)
    Your Telemental Health (Teens)
    Telemental Health: What Providers Need to Know

    Facts for Educators

    Educator Resource Kits (folder) (includes ALL Educator Fact Sheets) *up to 25 - if larger quanity needed, please email
    Crisis Management: Facts For Educators
    Cultural Competence: Facts For Educators
    Disruptive Behaviors: Facts For Educators
    Early Childhood Mental Health: Facts For Educators
    Family Involvement In School-Based Mental Health: Facts For Educators
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Youth: Facts For Educators
    Managing Classroom Behavior: Facts For Educators
    Medication Management: Facts for Educators
    Promoting Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing: Facts for Educators
    School Services: Facts for Educators


    Stress & Early Brain Growth: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences


    Suicide: A major, preventable mental health problem: Facts about suicide and suicide prevention among teens and young adults
    Suicide & LGBTQ Fact Sheet
    Suicide Fact Sheet


    Teen Brain: 6 Things You Should Know (Available in Spanish)

    Adult Publications

    Anxiety Disorders

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder Fact Sheet(Available in Spanish)


    Compulsive Buying Fact Sheet
    Exercise Fact Sheet
    Internet Addiction Fact Sheet
    Marijuana Use Fact Sheet
    Prescription Drug Misuse Fact Sheet
    Sex Fact Sheet

    Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar Disorder in Adults Fact Sheet(Available in Spanish)


    Depression (Brochure)
    Depression Fact Sheet (Available in Spanish)
    Depression in Women Fact Sheet (Available in Spanish)


    About MHAMD (Available in Spanish)
    Accessing Mental Health Care in Maryland Fact Sheet

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    PTSD Fact Sheet (Available in Spanish)


    Schizophrenia (Fact Sheet)

    Healthy New Moms

    Healthy New Moms Brochure (trifold)(Available in Spanish)
    Healthy New Moms Resource List
    Healthy New Moms Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
    Healthy New Moms PMAD Signs & Symptoms (Available in Spanish)
    Healthy New Moms UIC Medication Chart
    Healthy New Moms Dads and Partners Resource Fact Sheet

    Older Adult Publications

    Finding Assistance for Older Adults Chart
    Mental Health in Later in Life: A Guidebook for Older Marylanders and the People Who Care for Them
    Talk About Brain Health & Aging: The Basics
    Did You Know? Keeping Your Brain Healthy as You Age

    Spanish Publications

    Estos hombres son reales. La depresion tambien. – Real Men. Real Depression. (brochure)
    Family Resource Kit en Espanol (Folder)
    Healthy New Moms en Espanol (brochure)
    Informacion sobre la depresion posparto - Postpartum Depression Facts (brochure)
    Los hombres y la depression – Men and depression (trifold)
    Que pueden hacer los trabajadores del cuerpo de rescate – What rescue workers can do (booklet)
    Que pueden hacer los miembros de la Comunidad – What can members of the community do? (booklet)
    Sano en Cuerpo y Mente - Healthy in Body in Mind (brochure)
    Trastorno de deficit de atencion e hyperactividad – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (trifold)
    Acerca de la telesalud mental
    Su telesalud mental

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